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Interior design

Why Schüller German  kitchens? For a long time we were looking for a partner with the best value for money. And that's why Schüller. They are modern and sophisticated kitchen units. German precision, the supplier's responsiveness to deadlines, long warranty and great results  – all of this speaks for the Schüller kitchen brand.


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Which phase of the implementation of the contract do you enjoy and which, on the contrary, the least?

The work of a residential designer is very fulfilling, it allows me to live "more lives" while creating new realities. And these are often completely different than in  which I personally move. I am happy to meet new people, to penetrate their lives and to create the visions we realize through their perception of reality. So most of the time I don't have a free hand, my preferences have to give way to the fulfillment of the customer's idea, but that's the challenge - to materialize only the imaginary.
I like the discussion with  craftsmen in the control of realizations, if they try to make their work easier, they claim that this is not possible (and in the end it works and fortunately it is not common).

Do people come with a clear idea or do you rather create the idea for them?

If the client comes and starts the meeting with the sentence: "I have a clear idea!", My task is to find out to what extent this sentence applies. 
What do domestic customers want differently than when you look around the world?
I don't think that the Czech client can be classified specifically, but I have noticed that Czechs generally follow trends and prefer simpler solutions in the Scandinavian style. But if he returns after a longer stay in  Anglo-Saxon countries, tend to more classic interiors.
Trends are determined by large trade fairs, some take over, some are temporary, they come to the Czech Republic with  slight delay.

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What was your most intricate design job?

So far, we have finally dealt with everything, but the most problematic is the triple combination of small spaces - a demanding customer - lack of funds.
What would you say to those who want to buy a new kitchen and do not know where to start?
Ask for recommendations from satisfied friends who have a recently installed kitchen, share the same value system, have a similar taste and wish you the best. If you don't have one, choose a studio with  a long tradition, an experienced designer and a range of quality materials.

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