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FAMILY STUDIO IN PRAGUE - custom kitchens and interiors

Come see us. Reach for the exhibited kitchens, try out appliances, browse catalogs , soak up the atmosphere of cosiness and quality, chat. Our experienced  designer  prepare a tailor-made design for you, including visualizations.


Although kitchens are dominant for us, we work with the entire interior. If necessary, we will arrange a complete one for you before furnishing the interior  reconstruction .


We recommend that you take a look before visiting the studio  catalogs that we will probably use when designing your interior .

Call or write . We look forward to you.


The Seidl family


The main theme of our studio is the kitchen . But this is far from enough and it has proved very useful for us to be able to offer our clients far more.


The interior equipment includes everything that is inside, that is IN. It's about finding out what is possible and what would suit you. We are starting  kitchen  and  floor , which frames the overall perception of the space and we continue with built-in wardrobes , lighting and our own furniture such as tables , chairs , wardrobes , sofas or armchairs . And of course there are appliances, both kitchen and washers and dryers .

We design interiors gladly and sensitively. Ours  home designer  has enough experience and refined taste and will be your personal  decision guide.

And what does the process actually look like? It's nothing complicated.  You will visit our studio  in Prague in Smíchov, where ours  designer  will listen to and prepare proposals for you . This is followed by the focus and implementation , which of course we provide, including all related trades, such as wiring or water or waste. After the installation of the kitchen and interior, the subsequent service is a matter of course for us.

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